3 Months Diploma in TV Graphics and Animation

Ever increasing number of television channels require enormous amount of graphic art products to turn what might have been virtually a dull subject into an exciting television presentation. Graphics in the form of shapes, graphs, charts, maps and diagram etc. are nothing but a form of artistic expression and these have a style of their own. Animation allied to graphics enriches the designers vocabulary of images and forms. Sound too is important to the design of art products which a television graphic artists is required to create. The television graphic artist must, therefore, be familiar with the art of television production in general and the principles of good composition and layout in particular. He should posses artistic flair as well as a scientific temper to succeed in his work. Trained and competent TV graphic artists and animators are required by the television production house and satellite TV channels. At the heart of the modern communication revolution lies the digital computer which indeed offers immense possibilities to create visuals for the screen presentation. Computer 3D animation has forayed into the films in a big way.

Training Software: Photoshop, Flash, 3DS Max, After Effects
Duration: 3 months
Eligibility: Pass in 10+2 of a recognized board of examination

Theory Software Production Career opportunities
Orientation in the art and craft of film and television production Photoshop Creating story boards for animations Web Designer
Basic Art and Drawing Skills Corel Draw 2D Animation Clips 2D artist – create animations for:
Clay Modeling and stop motion Adobe In Design Credit sequence (for films and animation)  
Introduction to 2D Animation      
Principles of Animation Basic Flash Creating interactive web pages
Creating textures and layouts for 3D productions
Object modeling
3D Animation studio:
Texturing artist
Lighting artist
Various stages of production like script, story boarding etc. Advanced Flash  Creating architectural walkthroughs  
2D Compositing Photoshop Virtual sets for news and television  
Introduction to 3D Animation      
Stages of 3D film production Basics of 3Ds Max – modeling, texturing, advanced lighting, animation 3D Animated Logo
Animated 3D Advertisement
Basic character animation with facial expressions
3D Artist:
interior design and architectural firm.
News channels
Television industry
Ad agencies
VFX & special effects industry
Concepts and principles of animation      
Composting and Special effects      
VFX & SFX : An overview, 2D/3D Compositing After effects Generating special effects like fire, rain, smoke, explosions etc. Compositor:
News channels
Feature films
VFX and Special effects industry
Animation Studios
Ad Agencies