3 Months Diploma in 2D Graphics and Animation

An Intensive training program on the techniques and use of tools for producing art work (still & moving) digitally. This module aims to introduce students to the basic concepts involved in 2D animation using professional digital tools. It also introduces the fundamentals of classical animation such as timing and spacing, and enables the students to apply these concepts in the production of 2D animation within the digital realm.

Training Software: Photoshop, Corel Draw, Page Maker, Basic & Advanced Flash
Duration: 3 months
Eligibility: Pass in 10+2 of a recognized board of examination
Theory Software Production Career opportunities
Orientation in the art and craft of film and television production Photoshop 2D animation clips 2D artist,
Create animations for:
- Web
- Television
- Films
History and Appreciation of Art Corel Draw Creating interactive webpages
Basic Art and Drawing Skills Basic Flash Animated logo design
Introduction to 2D Animation Advanced Flash Credit sequence (for films and animation)
Principles of Animation Introduction to Actionscript Posters etc