B.Sc. 3D Animation & Visual Effects + Diploma 3D Animation & Visual Effects (3yrs)

The term multimedia refers to the use of computers to integrate text, images and sound into a presentation for an audience or user.

Written words, numbers and symbols are categorized as the text, images – still or moving and sound are the three mediums which constitute multimedia. But, the use of computer technology to create and distribute them is common to all. Multimedia is widely used for education, business and entertainment. Multimedia is also extensively used on the internet. Notwithstanding its dependence on computer technology, the effectiveness and appeal of multimedia depends to a great extent on the creativity of the people, who develop the text, sound and visuals that constitute the content of a multimedia production.

A multimedia professional is responsible for the look of the finished presentation of the text. He has also to learn the tools and methods for different kind of still and animated images with the help of softwares. Video-live or recorded moving images – is used in many multimedia productions for the internet, sales presentations and illustrating procedures. Audio – i.e. spoken words and music – again live or recorded – adds interest and appeal to a multimedia production. Not many multimedia productions use audio. A multimedia professional has to learn to capture video and audio and integrate them into a multimedia production. All those who may be looking for a career in this field have to study and understand the use of personal computers for making meaningful multimedia products. Visual special effects (SFx) are increasingly playing an important role in films and television. TV news channels are also using graphic effects both for their promos and new based programs. Through this course the student would be made aware of the opportunities and challenges of creating multimedia content.

It is a three year dual certification education and training programme leading to a world recognized university degree and the ASMS graduate diploma in New Media.

Duration: 3 Year
Eligibility: Pass in 10+2 of a recognized board of examination

Aptitude Test
Personal Interview

B.Sc. (3D Animation & Visual Effects + Diploma 3D Animation & Visual Effects) Degree of a UGC recognised University


·Pencil Drawing & Sketching & Painting–I
·Internet and Networking
·Image Editing (Adobe Photoshop)
·Digital Art Photography (Theory & Practical)


·Script writing and Storyboard
·Acting and presentation for Animation
·Video Editing (Adobe premiere)
·Camera, Lighting techniques


·Web Application (Flash Action Script, Java Script & HTML )
·Camera and Lighting Techniques
·Application Software: 3ds Max I (Modeling &Texturing) 
·Video Editing (Final Cut Pro)
·Application Software: 3ds Max II Advance (Camera, Lighting & Animation)


·Sound Editing
·Compositing Basics(Adobe After Effect)
·Application Software: Maya I  (Modeling &Texturing) 
·Application Software: Maya II Advance (Camera, Lighting & Animation)
·Compositing Advance,Vector Based


·Realistic Concept of Animation & Special  Effects    
·Compositing Advance
·Advance 3D animation
·Advance Color Correction & Compositing
·Media Ethics and Low


·Vfx Specialization
·Video Gaming: Theory & Practical
·Portfolio and Show reel
·Film Studies