Is lack of knowledge and experience of film making and television programme production a handicap for joining the academy ?
ASGA training courses have been designed to fulfil the perceived needs of a new entrant to the field of film & television.

What is the working day like at the academy ?
The academy functions from 10 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday. Additional time may have to be spent during some evenings for the post production work.

Does the time table of the academy suit the working professionals ?
No, The courses are intensive and full time .

Who are the trainers ?
ASGA’s greatest strength is its faculty. The training is imparted by highly experienced and practicing professionals.

How long has ASGA been functioning?
The academy was established in 1993 and continuously been imparting media education and training since July 1993.

How long has ASGA been functioning?
ASGA is an alternative to formal film & television schools. The academy offers over 600 hours of carefully designed education and training during three month period. This period is sufficiently long for preparing the individual for the professional work in the chosen field.

What are the fees for the training courses?
The cost of making films and producing television programme is indeed very high. The cost of training in this field is also high. However, ASGA subsidises the training cost substantially. The student is required to pay only 25% of the commercial cost of the training as the film school is supported by Marwah Studios.

What is the content of practical work in various courses?
ASGA believes that performing arts are best learnt by doing. 75% of the training and education is practical in nature.

Do the students actually participate in the production of films during the session ?
Every student gets an opportunity to directly or indirectly participate in 10-15 training films. The students produce around 60-100 training films during the 3 month session.

Are boarding and the lodging arrangements for the outstation students made by the academy ?
Hostel facility is assured to all those who may be requiring it. There are separate wings for the boys and the girls.

Is there any scholarship available?
Not at the moment.

Can Educational Loans be provided ?
Yes , The institute has a tie up with Punjab National Bank ( PNB ) to provide educational loans for all degree courses .

what about the placement after training?
The institute has a placement wing which provides guidance to students and makes all possible efforts in finding work. Campus selections are also arranged from time to time.

Can persons from outside India gain admission to ASGA ?
Yes, Nationals from over 70 countries have been so far studied at ASGA including countries like Jordan, Lebanon, Nepal, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, UK and USA.

How is the application for admission from foreigners screened ?
The Admissions Department judge the suitability of the candidate on the basis of information supplied with the admission. However, the applicant should have complied twelve years of school/college education in addition to possessing working knowledge of English language at the time of seeking admission.

ASGA assist the foreign applicants in obtaining the Indian Visa ?
After obtaining the official letter of admission from the institute, the applicant must apply to the nearest Indian student visa. The address of the concerned Indian mission will be provided by the academy.

What about the medical cover for the foreign students ?
Foreign students are advised to take out medical insurance in their own country or do so upon arrival in India.

Who are eligible for admission to ASGA ?
Beside possessing the educational qualification for various courses as mentioned in the prospectus, adults committed to serious study of cinema and television; faith in systematic training and a strong will to make the grade in a highly competitive industry are welcome.

Is ASGA better than serving industry apprenticeship for a beginner like me ?
School is the right place to learn the art and craft of film making and television production.The industry is good for gaining professional experience.FIlm schools and the industry have different roles to play .Industry apprenticeship is no substitute for formal schooling.

What ASGA can do for me ?
ASGA will provide you with the opportunity to learn to communicate with pictures and sounds; to gain a lot of hands on experience in your chosen field of specialisation; to work with large number of fellow students who will be moving into the industry, and to develop network of contacts. ASGA will also help you to discover your talents, skills, energies, form long-range, and to develop the ability to recognise appropriate opportunities when they arise.