About ASGA

The objectives of mass communication are to entertain, educate, and inform people. Various means had been adopted to achieve these objectives since the dawn of the civilization. The advent of printing press in the 15th century and telephone in the 20th century has had profound effect on making of effective media products and their dissemination to mass audiences. The digital computers and the Internet have revolutionized the way in which we live and work.

These marvels of the 20th century have provided us with a new medium of mass communication called Multimedia which requires an altogether new type of education and training. The new medium which has enormous potential for entertaining, educating, and informing the mass audiences is still in its infancy.

Multimedia is an electronically delivered combination of text, still and moving pictures, audio, video, and interactivity. Graphics are one of the key elements of multimedia. Computer generated images find numerous application in every day life. Animation is the art of creating moving images via the use of computers.

Career opportunities in new media include making animation movies, video game designing, digital art, e-marketing, e-education, Desk top publishing.

The School of Graphics & Animation has been created at Asian Academy of Film & Television and its centre of higher media studies - Asian School of Media Studies - to offer education and training opportunities in new media studies. What distinguishes this centre of learning from similar other centres are the 17 year long first hand experience of imparting education an training in traditional media, ready availability of infrastructure and equipment for making media products and the location in the fasting growing Noida Film City.